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I have a HA searcher bellosom w/ sweet scent and Stunspore for catching. Though it can learn Worry seed I don't know how it learns it :(


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Worry Seed is only learnt by Bellossom by tutoring in B2W2.

As to my memory, moves like Worry Seed don't show your opponent's ability; it just says "[Pokemon] acquired Insomnia!", but that's probably changed... I haven't had anything use that move on me since Gen IV.

There are other ways of knowing a Pokemon's ability, e.g. using Skill Swap, and there are a few Pokemon that learn it in Gen VI - Sylveon, Aromatisse, Spiritzee, Carbink & Reuniclus. Reuinclus is probably best, since it can learn Thunder Wave as well.

As for Worry Seed, there are some other candidates like Bulbasaur, who learns it via level up, and can also learn a bunch of spore moves & sweet scent.

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Thanks for the answer! But now I need to figure out how to get Sweetscent and Worry seed onto Bulbasaur xD
Actually Bulbasaur learns both those moves via level up, as well as Sleep Powder & Stun Spore.
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In X and Y, it is unknown how you can actually learn Worry Seed to Bellossom. However, if trends continue, then it would have learnt Worry Seed at a Move Tutor, however no Move Tutors give access to Worry Seed.

It can learn Worry Seed in Black and White 2, so what you should do is obtain a Bellossom in Black and White 2 and then get the Move Tutor to learn it Worry Seed. Then, simply trade it to X and Y. This is the same with HeartGold and SoulSilver, but otherwise there is no way Bellossom can learn Worry Seed. Sorry. :(

Hope I helped. :)
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