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And why is it both at lvl 1?

probably to make it tough to get golisopod who is pretty good
There are a lot of Pokemon that don't learn moves by level up, such as Delibird, Abra, and Beldum.
^ more good examples

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If you're looking for a scientific answer, there isn't one that I know of. Maybe because it's so much a coward it doesn't even know how to fight if it wanted to? IDK.

But this is a mechanic Nintendo has practiced many times before. Many Bug-type which can evolve and a few Water-type Pokemon are limited in their movesets. The Dustox/Beautifly, Beedrill, and Butterfree early evolution lines are the best examples of this - all weak and a bit tough to train up. Bright side for these guys is that they evolve at very low levels. In contrast, Wimpod evolves into Golisopod at level 30, though this is easy once you find the ones at Poni Island (~Lv 40).

Some other examples of Pokemon that suck and are hard to evolve due to a limited learnset include Magikarp, Feebas (though really that one's not by training), Kricketot, and Tynamo.

Why both at Lvl 1? Well, it needed SOMETHING to start with, right?

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Most likely because of its personality; it's a pretty weak and wimpy Pokemon, as the Pokedex informs us, so having only 2 available level up moves would support that way more than if it had a full fledged moveset with all kinds of moves, similar to what's been done with Pokemon like Metapod, Magikarp, and Kricketot.

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It does get a lot of moves, just not by level up.
Well, yes, but those are caused by human intervention. On its own, it's a weak Pokemon.
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Possibly GameFreak wanted it to be the "Useless Pokemon" of Gen 7(Magikarp Gen 1, Feebas Gen 3...). So they decided only two moves to make it seem useless(because Struggle Bug and Sand Attack seem pretty pitiful). Also, if they were not at level one, they would have no moves when hatched from an egg. Also, GameFreak logic.

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Feebas gen 3*