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Question marks next to the values
I converted Cosmic_Aegislasher's answer which used the exact same link for that reason.
Let me guess, refrenncing out bulbapedia got my answer unapproved?
The answer was right and stated the info.......
Bulbapedia doesn't know for sure. Notice how the numbers have question marks on them.
I guess it just means 80 or more power?
If your Pokemon holds a kee berry the type would be Fairy and the base power is greater than 80 according to bulbapedia and if it holds a maranga berry its type would be Dark and Base Power would be greater than 80 also

source   http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Natural_Gift_%28move%29

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Game Freak boosted Natural Gift's damage in Generation 6. Here's a list for the berries you asked for:

Kee - Fairy - 100 BP
Maranga - Dark - 100 BP


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