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I used to think you needed to breed the same Pokemon with the opposite gender. But then I heard you can breed a diffirent Pokemon with the same egg group.Is this true?

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Yes, this is true, but opposite genders are still required (unless you're breeding with Ditto, in which case the gender does not matter).

So if I am trying to breed two Pokemon of two different genders, say one was from the Field group and the other was from Bug. Even though they have opposite genders, they are incompatible and will never produce an Egg. This is because they don't have a matching Egg Group.

However, if I try to breed two Pokemon of the opposite gender and they have the same Egg Group, then they are compatible and will breed eventually.

Pokemon from the Undiscovered group will never breed whatsoever.

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Yes. All Pokemon in the same egg group are compatible for breeding as long as one is male & the other is female. In this case, the offspring you get from two different species will be the same species as the mother. Genderless Pokemon cannot breed with anything other than a Ditto, regardless of their egg group. Ditto can breed with all Pokemon that are eligible for breeding except for its own species. When you breed a Ditto with another species, it will always be the other species and not a Ditto.

Any Pokemon in the undiscovered egg group cannot breed under any circumstances, except by hacking.

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