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OK, Plant Cloak is a flowery bush. But I don't understand the Sandy and Trash Cloak.

  • Sandy Cloak has rocks (brown part) and sand (yellow part), but what is that red thing?
  • Trash Cloak is pink, so what is that? Gum?
    enter image description here enter image description here

For me, theSandy Cloak looks like a pizza, and the Trash Cloak looks like pink cotton candy.


2 Answers

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For me, I always thought that the orange bits in the Sandy Cloak were just some rocks/ gems.

As for the Trash Cloak, I never understood why it was pink when it was meant to be steel. Maybe there was some lipstick in the trash and that's what made it pink.

I'd put the Trash Cloak down to Game Freak logic, but also that it fits the colour scheme better; red, yellow & green are all vibrant and easily identifiable colours.

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The Sand Cloak Wormadam is a mix of:

  • The bug (dat pending black thing)
  • Sand (Yellow Part)
  • Rock (Brown Part)
  • Gems (Red Parts).

As for the Trash Cloak, I believe that fondant's theory about the lipstick is totally lolwut, illogical but may seem correct; some Madame at work keeps with themselves lipsticks so that they can make up themselves everywhere, and some inattentive ones (Game Freak logic) throw them in the trash. And there are a lot of trashs: Chips, Lipsticks, Scratches ... which all finally give a pink color to Wormadam-Trash Cloak.