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i have a burmy with bold personality and its at level 17,what wormadam should i evolve it into?


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I'd say go Trash Cloak because...

  1. It has good Defence stats already, and Bold's boost in Defence just help it deal with mostly Phisical-attacking types such as Flying which is super effective.
  2. Don't worry about the -Attack. It's still good Special. Just give it Flash Cannon for Steel STAB.
  3. Steel type is a good type to have as it protects Wormadams's ual type (Bug) from many other Sper effective types.

Both other ones would also be good in their own ways, but it's not just up to me to choose...

It also matter what other Pokemon your going to have in your team and which Pokemon you are fighting.

I would go with sandy, so it does not have a double weakness of fire.
It does not really matter which you do, it matters about the Pokemon around it (in team/opponent's) as mentioned above...
well, if you pick sandy, then you can have a slice of pizza!