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Where/How to evolute Burmy into Wormadam Trash Cloak form in Pokemon Black?

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I'd try to evolute burmy in Relic Castle & Celestial Tower to get a wormadam Trash Cloak form. But it turn out to be a wormadam plant cloak form. Where is the place to evolute burmy into wormadam Trash Cloak form.

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2 Answers

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Actually to Evolve Burmy into grass form you must be in a grassy feild or forest(this one is the easiest pretty much everywhere). To evolve Burmy in Sand form you must do so on the sand(try the desert past castelia town route 4 I believe). To evolve Burmy into trash cloak you must be inside a building like the sports arena or a gym etc. No place that wild Pokemon roam so you must fight a trainer.

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There is no specific place to evolve Burmy. You can only evolve whatever type of Burmy you have into that form(eg.sandy Burmy to sandy Wormadam). And you'll have to poketransfer the other type Burmy to Pokemon black/white.

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