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I tried inside New Mayville but it got the Plant Cloak form of Wormadam. So I was wondering what other buildings don't actually count.

Would this count as a dupe?


Also, I don't think new mauville counts as a building
No, this is a different question.
Bulbapedia says all buildings count, so would this be a show since the answer is the same?
The question description brings up an issue that isn't mentioned in the other question. It asks for clarification on the answer in the old thread, which is why this question isn't a duplicate.
Maybe the premise of the question (that New Mauville is a building) is flawed, but to call it a duplicate because of that is really pedantic and an annoying precedent, I think.

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New Mauville isn't classified as a building, just like a cave isn't classified as a building. It's kind of just like a basement. It's abandoned. Nothing's going on there. In RSE, the entrance to New Mauville was a cave entrance, and then a door. It's really just an underground basement.

As a matter of fact, neither Bulbapedia or Serebii call it a building.

All other buildings should count, as long as they are actually buildings

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