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Ok, so I was browsing the Bulbapedia page for Pokemon with alternate forms, and I was looking at the different cloaked Burmy, when it hit me: I don't know what those things are on Trash Cloak Burmy!

You see the ↑↑↑ things the arrows ↑↑↑ are pointing to that look like a CapriSun juice pouches bendy straw that was in a 10 year old boys pocket all day? What the heck are those?? I checked Bulbapedia but no luck. Please help!

i always assumed they were arms. they're likely supposed to be twigs
I doubt it; twigs aren't typically white, bendy, or found in buildings
I'm pretty sure they are plastic straws. Why wouldn't Burmy cover itself with plastic straws?

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This is Burmy Trash-Cloak, see. And Burmy's a real slob. You know the type — his car is full of empty energy drinks, his pants always have pizza stains on them, stuff like that. He doesn't even have a job, he's a dumpster diver. His parents kicked him out, then his girlfriend kicked him out, and now he's living with his friend Trubbish from high school in a trashy apartment with no AC.

Now, when one leads such a filthy life, one is naturally going to pick up some odds and ends. One day as Burmy was crying in the dumpster about how lonely he was, he found two bent metal rods, and for some inexplicable reason they bought him so much joy that he hopped out of the dumpster, turned his life around, and is now a moderately successful garbage truck driver. He married a beautiful Grimer and they have three filthy children.

The End

Storytime aside, ever since I saw my first Burmy in Diamond I always assumed they were crooked metal rods. Think about it: it's cloak is made of garbage, they look like pieces of bent metal that you'd find in a dump or a Fallout game, and most importantly, Wormadam Trash-Cloak is Steel-type. I suppose you could argue that they are bent straws or some other cylindrical object, but to me short metal rods sounds about right.

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That story was so moving and inspirational... Now I know that if I tape some bent metal rods to my body, I can be just as successful and happy as that Burmy was. But the only thing is... What happened to Trubbish?

(For real though, thank you; I never thought about it from that angle. Thanks!)
Trubbish is a broke panhandler in Atlantic City. Pray for him.
Burmy can have children with a Grimer?
We need to hook Trubbish up with some metal rods
A better love story then Twilight. Lol XD
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It could be that those ¨straw¨ things are actually itś arms or whatever. If you look at the shiny form of it, and compare it to itś normal form of the burmy trio, only the skin of the Burmy is changed, not it´s cloak in any way. In any case, when comparing it´s normal trash form to itś shiny trash form, those ¨straws¨ change into a light blue as well, just like itś skin. In the anime, it shows itś actual little feet, and true, they don't look anything like the ¨straw¨ arms, and the pokedex doesn't say anything about a form change, so it could be just as Toucanadian described, they could be just little bent metal rods that are part of the cloak. But why Game Freak only altered the skin and only the little ¨straw¨ rods or arms on the trash cloak and nothing else on the shiny is beyond me. We may never know.