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In platinum I went to veilstone game corner to check the hp type for my burmy. I got the message, 'Oh, no. This Pokémon can't learn Hidden Power in the first place.'

Is my game messed up or something? Burmy learns hp through level up.

Did your Burmy already know HP?
yes it is lvl31 and i have the four original moves. no tms

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I think the guy checks if the Pokemon can learn Hidden Power via TM, as that's how the majority of Pokemon learn it. Burmy can learn no TMs, so that's why it's saying that your Burmy can't learn Hidden Power, despite learning it via level up.

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The guytells which type the hp is.... not whether it can learn it or not. That is why I am confused.
I think this is the only explanation for why he won't tell you your Burmy's HP, unless your game is glitched. Try using different Pokemon and another Burmy to check HP, maybe evolve your Burmy and check then, and if it works, this is the only reason I can think of.