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Everyone is saying that destiny bond will only take out the attacker if the user uses the move first, and the effect will only last for that turn.

My Mamoswine used icicle crash on the foes Trevenant but doesn't quite take it out, Trevenant then uses destiny bond AFTER me. The following turn I use ice shard to finish him off, but the destiny bond took me out as well. Wait, what? WHAT? WHAT!?

Someone explain. Please. I'm confused.


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It has always been like that if destiny bond is the last move then the other move that goes first and KOs a pokémon the other pokémon will be brought down. If destiny bond is used first and the other move OHKOs a pokémon then the other pokémon will be brought down. If a pokémon is burned or poisoned, uses destiny bond and is taken out with a status problem destiny bond will not work.
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i.e., Destiny Bond will stay in effect until the next time that Pokémon moves
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