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Just got curious to know it. Also I wanted to know if Sturdy ability can bypass it or not.


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Destiny Bond does not activate from indirect damage such as weather damage, damage from Leech Seed, and Future Sight. Destiny Bond also bypasses Focus Sash, Sturdy, and Magic Guard.


When Destiny Bond is used, until the user moves again, if the user faints as the direct result of an attack the attacking Pokémon also faints. If the user takes another turn (including "inactive" turns such as those spent sleeping or flinching), the effect disappears.

Destiny Bond will always fail if it was successfully executed on the previous turn.

Based on that information, all you really have to do is make the destiny bond user do something else so that the move's effects wear out. The part of 'fail if executed on the previous turn' only happens in gen seven onwards but the same still applies. Have the user use destiny bond, don't kill it, and let it use something else. Even just switching out would work since the user would now be used to do something else

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Dynamaxed Pokemon are also immune to Destiny Bond