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I was on my Pokemon X and I went chain fishing. I caught a shiny qwilfish. It has a lonely nature. It is EV Trained in Speed and Attack. I was thinking it could be a spiker. Any ideas on what to do with this Qwilfish?

Yay for your shiny!

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First off, congratulations on your shiny!

Anyways, with your nature and EV training, you have such a high attack stat that you can teach it physical STAB movies such as Aqua Jet and Poison Jab and it can be a decent spiker for your team.

Thank you!
By the way it was my firsh shiny(not including Gyrados and Gible).
Well congratulations to you. I only have a shiny Raticate collecting dust in Pokemon Fire Red (but would be good for X & Y) and the Shiny Event Suicune.