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If I put a male tympole with 31 IVs in HP and with aqua ring(holding a power weight) and a female squirtle with 31 IVs in Sp. Def and a relaxed nature(holding an everstone), every baby squirtle should have 31 IVs in HP with relaxed nature and the move aqua ring. There is also a chance that the offspring will have 31 IVs in both Sp. Def and HP. Then I use the male squirtle with both 31 HP and Sp.Def IVs to breed with a ditto with 31 IVs and there will be a chance that I can get an offspring with aqua ring, 31 IVs in HP, Def and Sp. Def with relaxed nature. Am I right?

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Your definitely right. you said there was a chance. in breeding, three ivs from both parents are passed onto the baby, so those three could be the squirtle's hp and sp.defense and the ditto's defense. its possible, you may need to just breed a few until its those three that are passed down.

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