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For example, Omanyte and Machop have similar cries, as well as Goldeen and Caterpie. I know someone asked which Pokemon have similar cries, but I'm just asking WHY they have similar cries. (Just wanted to put that out there in case someone wants to flag this.) Did Game Freak do this intentionally, accidentally, or had a low budget and just had no choice but to reuse some? I think only Gen I, II, and III had some Pokemon with similar cries. I also have the feeling that the answer is going to be, "Go ask Game Freak if you are so dying to know", but still, maybe there is a reason or maybe GameFreak or someone made a statement on this.

Here's a video with Pokemon with similar cries, if anyone wants to see


Ditto and Poliwag... :3
That's in the video IS.
I know, I just love those two Pokemon. xD
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It most likely is due to limited space. I wanted to point out that:
>Despite there being 151 Pokémon in Generation I, there are only 37 completely different cries in the Generation I games. However, different Pokémon's cries are different pitch or speed, have an echo, or disable one of the sound channels, making them sound different

Also, most of the similarities in cry are from Gen I Pokemon, with a few from Gen II. The more recent games haven't really been using the same cry for various Pokemon. In general, at least - I'm sure if I looked hard enough there would be examples.


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Okay, that make sense. But I feel that some cries sound exactly the same
Some of them are. Bulbapedia also says: "Two pairs of Generation I Pokémon share identical cries, none of which are related by evolution: Charizard and Rhyhorn; Poliwag and Ditto
"Four pairs of Generation I Pokemon share near-identical cries: Omanyte's cry is slightly higher-pitched than Machop's; Goldeen's cry is very slightly slower than Caterpie's, precisely by a few tenths of a second; Poliwhirl's cry is slightly higher-pitched than Wigglytuff's; Vileplume's cry is slightly higher-pitched than Aerodactyl's"
Also pokemon that are related (through evolution, or like the elemental monkeys) often have similar cries as well.
Do they explain the reason for that?
...Who are the elemental monkeys? x3
They don't really give one, and I looked elsewhere and could find nothing either.
@Indigo - I mean Pansear, Pansage, Panpour, and their evolutions.
Oh, that makes sense. xD
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This is most likely because of limited space on Pokemon cartridges. Being a person that is making a Pokemon Mod of Fire Red, I've seen the limited space on the Pokemon Games and Game Freak most likely just copied/changed the pitch on some cries to help free up space for sprites and text.

That could be true