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So, for example, does Charmander sound what a salamander sounds like (idk if salamanders make sounds lol)


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One type of salamander's cry sounds like this.
So I would think no.

>A Pokémon's cry (Japanese: なきごえ cry) is the sound it makes. Depending on the continuity, this can either be a unique sound, or only the Pokémon's name and various phrases derived from its name.

Example: Pikachu's cry is PIKACHU
Bulbasaur's cry sounds a little like its name

I would guess they mixed computer sounds until they found one that sounds good to them. Many pokémon also get deeper cries as they evolve (charmander->charmeleon) and some have similar cries (vileplume and aerodactyl, ditto and poliwag).

New Pokemon have more realistic cries, probably because of better technology. Old Pokemon tend to sound like electronic beeps and bloops

Kanto Cries

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skuntank sounds like it's farting.
prior to gen 6 pikachu sounded like static
Duh. all gen 1 Pokemon sounded like static.
boodum chish