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Take slowpoke with 'likes to run' as an example

Guess what.I got a gentled nature absol who liked to fight :P

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Well, The word impossible means can never happen so if it has happened it is not impossible. And No Because remember what dt says, Its a series where 10 years olds with no education go out into the dark depths of the world and tame animals that could rip them to shreds. And I dont think anyone thought about a slowpoke not liking to run.
Edit: Liking to run doesn't neccasarily mean its faster, thats just its personality. IT Might be that he is one of the few Slowpokes whoever tried to run and found "Ooh thats fun'. Plus like DT says its a comparison of Him, towards others of his species. Wow could thing i fixed this crappy answer. Phew.

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Think of it as a slowpoke that is faster than the average slowpoke. It's not necessarily a speed demon, but it's still better than average.
Thanks for the help Dt, I actually veered of i lost my focus so i didnt make a proper answer.
And because of my mistakes i got two upvotes and a best answer 0_o
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No. Any Pokemon can have any IVs, from 0-31 in each stat. So any of the characteristics are possible for any Pokemon.

It is a bit misleading because a Pokemon could have a perfect IV in speed but be really slow because their base speed is very low. But like DT said in the comment, it's really as a comparison to other Pokemon of the same species.