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I'm building a OU Monotype Water and I saw a set that Kingdra has a100% critical-hit chance with the powerful STAB Draco Meteor. As you know, Kingdra is very slow and I want to know some pokémons with the following characteristics for help Kingdra:

Most be a Water-type.
Can learn a status-move that boosts speed or Speed Bost.
Can learn Baton Pass.

Another Pokémon with the same characteristics:

Most be a Water-type.
Can learn a status-move that bosts special attack.
Can learn Baton Pass.

Another one:

>Most be a Water-Type.
Baton Pass + Focus Energy.

Post all pokémons that can learn the 1st set, the 2nd set and the 3rd set, it can be from LC to Ubers.
I know Kingdra can learn Agility and Focus Energy but its very frail and can be KO with a single move.

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Why not use a Drizzle + Swift Swim for Kingdra...?
Swift Swim fixes the speed problem, although Sniper's extra power is missed out on.

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Set 1

Huntail or Gorebyss. Both learn Shell Smash and baton Pass and can use a White Herb to restore defences and can be good as they are bulky.
Good set:
Timid Nature
White Herb
-Shell Smash
-Baton Pass
-Surf/Razor Shell (Huntail or Gorebyss)
-Any move of your choice

Set 2

Again those are the only options.
No Pokemon that are Water-type and can learn a special boosting move and baton pass unless the ones listed above.

Set 3

Drifblim, Blaziken line, Scizor line, Furret line.
Good set:
Item: Sash
Timid/Jolly nature
-Focus Energy
-Baton pass
-Any move (preferbly attacking)
-Any offensive move (Taunt)

Unfortunately there are no water types with Focus Energy and Baton Pass.

Hope I helped!
-It's a secret!

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Demat huntail and gorebyss shell small gives spatkboost
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So far,

Vaporeon is the only Water-type to get Baton Pass.

All your characteristics will pretty much have to do with it, as the water-type rule and Baton Pass is compulsory for you.

Alternatively you could use a Rain Dance setter / Politoed with Drizzle and give your Kingdra Swift Swim, automatically fixing your problem without any Baton Pass limitation.

Hope I helped!

Vaporeon isnt the only water type to learn baton pass btw