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So I'm trying to breed a Tyranitar and a Garchomp to get a Larvitar with Dragon Dance. I want this Larvitar to have an Adamant nature with a good speed/def/sp.def/attack characteristic. I finally got one with an adamant nature, but a "mischievous" characteristic, which is no good to me.

Am I right when I'm thinking I can give the Adamant Larvitar an Everstone and try and breed it with my Garchomp and the resulting Larvitar baby will have a 50% chance of having an Adamant nature with a different (hopefully) characteristic?

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Good question it will be difficult finding the answer.
The Larvitar with the Adamant nature must be female, otherwise they won't mate at all. The Garchomp must be male and know the move dragon dance.
Garchomp can't learn dragon dance though.

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Garchomp isn't able to learn Dragon dance, so breeding with him won't work. Haxorus Is the easiest one to breed with since he can learn it via level up. There are a few others here you can check out too.

In order to copy the nature, (only a 50% chance per egg) make sure the everstone is on the female pokemon, who should be Tyranitar in order to breed a Larvitar.

If you get lucky enough to get a breeding partner with a high IV in whatever stat you want, then give it a power item (brace, anklet, etc) and that IV will be passed on to the pokemon you breed.

Hope this helped a bit.

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There are many diffrent traits your baby pokemon can have. There are alot so I think it will pick it randomly. Try hatching a whole bunch of them.. Since Larvitar takes awhile to hatch use a pokemon with an ability flame body. It reduces the amount of steps in half.