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I have an egg of a ferroseed (to have leech seed) and I reset the game over and over after hatching and the adamant nature nerver comes. I do this saving before the day care man gives me the egg. any one can help me ?

The nature and IVs are given when you got the egg not when you hatch him so soft reseting won't work

so you will have to hatch a lot of eggs or use the everstone on the father.

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If the ferroseed becomes a girl you can breed it with another pokemon with a compatible egg type and if it has the nature you want, you can give it an everstone to have a 50% chance to have the same nature as the holder of the everstone. Other than that no there isn't much you can do. I have tried really hard before to have the right nature. You just have to stick in there till you have the nature you want.

Also, in the wild, if you want to catch a pokemon that has a specific nature to breed, if the first pokemon in your party has the ability synchronize, wild pokemon are very likely to have the same nature.
e.g an adamant espeon with synchronize will attract wild pokemon with synchronize.