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As I stated above, my Yveltal is Adamant. I couldn't find anybody who was willing to trade me a Modest Yveltal for it so it makes me wonder if it is worth keeping at all. If it is however, can you please help me out with some movesets?
I started training it in Special Attack in Super Training, but I didn't go very far. Is there a way to reset it?


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I think so

At 131/131/99 Offensive Stats and a Physical Movepool filled with all the tools he needs, I'd say that a Bulky Attacker Set is worth it since his Attack is just as poweful as his Special Attack

And although he has a more Specially inclined Movepool, his access to STAB Sucker Punch and Acrobatics, Shadow Claw, and Roost, he pull such a Set off well.

"Is there a way to Reset EVs?"

Yes, through one of the Core Training Bags called a Reset Bag. You can earn one through participating in Super Training Exercises, or more likely through your Pokemon finding one during Core Training. That's how I found mine.

So, yes, I would keeo that Yveltal, a Physical one isn't exactly bad, it's just different- I'n fact, I'd say unique. Just Super and Core Train other Pokemon until you come accross a Reset Bag, and I would Train him in HP and Attack.

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I would make it 252 ATK / 252 Speed / 4 HP. And Adamant is not terrible. I prefer Hasty so it can use Sucker Punch + Oblivion Wing.
Yeah I prefer 252 HP > 252 Spd, as his HP is higher and his Speed is pretty Low for an Uber...

It's up to this guy though, good suggestion
You are not false, although I have a question: Who's gonna use a bulky Yveltal ? Yveltal has 99 base speed, this is decent. We can bring it higher with investment and nature, and the HP stat is already OK.