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You see,just today I was able to max out an Empoleon in two stats completely but now I know that natures alone can only max out one stat.The characteristic of a Pokemon raises any one of the 6 stats so I want to know,is there any way for me to specifically get the characteristic of my choice or is it based on luck because that is how you max out two stats. You see my Empoleon(level 100)had the Calm nature and it had the characteristic Dozes off often.I Ev trained my Empoleon in HP and Sp.Def.I just want to find a way to help me get the desired characteristic of my choice in game.

P.S. Calm nature raises Sp.Def and the characteristic(Dozes off often) boosts HP.

Can you help me with this problem?

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Yes,you can breed characteristics,If you give the Parent Pokemon with the characteristic you want a Power Item for the stat you want,the baby Pokemon has a chance of having that characteristic,Note that characteristics don't give the exact amount of IVs,they give a variety of numbers,e.g. the characteristic "Alert to Sounds" can tell you that your Pokemon's speed IVs may be on of these numbers 1, 6, 11, 16, 21, 26, 31. If you want a way to get good characteristics here's a good way,first you look for a Pokemon with the characteristic you want,Make sure that the IVs are 31(You can do an IV battle to get it's IVs)it doesn't have to be the pokemon you want to breed and train,just compatible (If not try chain breeding it or finding one that is compatible). then give that Pokemon a Power item that matches it's respective Characteristic you want to breed,then breed that Characteristic/31 IV to the Pokemon you want to train.
Here's a list of Characteristics and their IVs