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Also like yanmega is based of a dragonflly ekans and arbok are snakes poocheyena and growlithe are dogs Arcanine is one o those lion dogs what are some more

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It's a little ridiculous to expect someone to list every single pokemon with the animal they're based on! Ask about specific pokemon if you're not sure, but not all of them!

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You can see what animal or thing a pokemon is based off of, as well as an origin for its name by going to bulbapedia and looking up that pokemon's profile...as for the "pikachu" like pokemon, there is:

Pikachu-obviously, and all the pokemon in its chain.
plusle/minun-the hoenn equivalent.
Pacharishu-The sinnoh version.

-please note that my answer doesn't include the B/W pokemon.

I think he noted Pikachu as an example
As was I, but the first part of my sentence says that they can all be found on Bulbapedia.
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Actually, I think most pokemon are but here is a list of chains:
Charmender - Salamander (Later on Lizard)
Squirtle - Turtle
(all bug-types are bugs)
Pidgey - Bird
Rattata - Rat
Spearow - Bird
Ekans - Snake
Pikachu - Mouse
Sandshrew - Mouse
Vulpix - Fox
Zubat - Bat
Digglet - Mole
Meowth - Cat
Psyduck - Duck
Mankey - Pig/Monkey
Growlith - Dog
Polywag - Tadpole (A feline frog)
Tentacool - Jellyfish
Ponyta - Horse
Slowpoke - Salamander
Farfetch'd - Bird
Dodou - Ostrich
Seel - Sea Lion
Shellder - Shellfish
Onix - Snake
Krabby - Crab
Cubone - Dinosaur
Lickitung - Chameleon
Rhyhorn - Rhinoceros
Horsea - Sea Horse
Goldeen - Fish
Staryu - Starfish
Tauros - Bull
Magikarp - Fish
Lapras - Loch Ness Monster
Eevee - Cat/Fox
Aerodactyl - Pterodactyl
Legendary Birds - Birds (How surprising!)
Dratini - Dragon

Thats it for Gen. 1. You can see a lot of pokemon Look like animals from real life. I might do it for other generations but its not easy at all...

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NJDevil can't you read? It says right on the bulbapedia page, "Poliwag is based on a tadpole"
Isn't a tadpole a young frog? And BTW, Slowpoke IS a salamander! If not, I'm sorry that I was wrong... And I can read!
@Darth Destiny lol.So, then bulbasaur is a cabbage with legs.Also parasect is a hermit crab with a mushroom, instead of a shell
NJdevil, are you sure that seel is a sea lion and not a, hmmm, oh I don't know, a SEAL