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Not dinosaurs :)

Dinosaurs are lizards though
Technically they aren't since lizards and dinosaurs are 2 very different types of reptiles
Would you like snakes included?
Snakes aren't lizards though.

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Okay, I'm going to apply my knowledge on biology and taxonomy here. Ya'll are driving me crazy.

First of, dinosaurs as you're thinking were NOT lizards. They were indeed reptiles, but not lizards.
Snakes ARE lizards because they are in the same family, Squamata.
I WILL be counting (most) dragon-based Pokemon as lizards, since popular lore depicts them as similar. Some are more like lizards than others, but they will all be in a separate list anyway.

With that, here's what I see as accurate:

"Pure" Lizards:
Onix / Steelix
Ekans / Arbok
Treeko / Grovyle / Sceptile
Snivy / Servine / Serperior
Scraggy / Scrafty
Helioptile / Heliolisk
Salandit / Salazzle
Sobble / Drizzile / Inteleon
Silicobra / Sandaconda

Dratini / Dragonair / Dragonite
Deino / Zweilous / Hydreigon
Janmo-o / Hakamo-o / Kommo-o
Applin / Flapple / Appletun

-All turtle Pokemon -- Again, yes a reptile, but not a lizard.
-All dinosaur Pokemon -- I already clarified why.
-All alligator and crocodile Pokemon -- While technically classified as lizards, they are, in fact, more closely related to birds, just like dinosaurs.
-Charmander -- It was based on a salamander, which is an amphibian not a lizard.
-Reshiram -- Fur = not a reptile.
-Toxel / Toxtricity -- Clearly salamanders.
-Dreepy / Drakloak / Dragapult -- They are Diplocaulus, an extinct genus of amphibians.

Now that just covers lizards. If we're talking about reptiles as a whole then we'd be here for a while.
If anybody has any questions, please ask me. I very much enjoy dropping knowledge bombs on people -- a good deal of you probably already know that.

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I wouldn't call Seviper and the Onix, Ekans, Snivy, and Silicobra family lizards, since they are snakes, which are in the Squamata group of reptiles but are not true lizards. While I do believe Toxel and toxtricity have some similarities to newts and salamenders, they do resemble Agama lizards and geckos as well. Also, regarding Charmander:

> Charmander was designed as a lizard, possibly referencing the mythical salamander (as opposed to the real-world amphibian of the same name that inspired its mythical counterpart). This salamander was a fire spirit capable of surviving in extreme heat or flames, and it is sometimes creatively rendered or interpreted in the shape of a lizard. As Charizard is based on a European dragon, Charmander's lizardlike design seems to reference how Western dragons in folklore are heavily inspired by lizards and other reptiles, as well as how various types of lizards are likened to (and named after) dragons due to this connection. Its bipedal design resembles a baby therapod dinosaur.

I think Toxel's family and Charmander are debatable since they have both amphibian and lizard traits so I'd put them in their own separate group.