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Also including the big cats like Pyroar.


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Entei, Raikou, Suicune, (yes, these are based on guardian lions)

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Absol was never confirmed to be based on a cat. At one place he is mentiond to have a feline like face (note:  only FACE) while other places/sources say it's based on a wolf or several myth like creatures (both a dog based myth creature, and the bad luck of the black cat).  Absol therefore does not belong on this list because it's a very big questionable mix. On the other side, Absol does not belong on any dog/canine  lists either for the same reason.

Second of all, the 3 legendary beasts have the nickname legendary dogs for a reason. It's a popular asumption, canon or not and can not just be ignored just because a bunch of people feel they look more cat like. They are not confirmed to be either dogs nor cats however so they do not belong on this list. They are all, in all fairness,  mixes between cats and dogs, though it can be argued who looks more canine and who looks more feline. Like for example, I feel Suicune looks like a dog (with some  cat like qualities). While Raikou looks  like a saber tooth tiger to me (with some dog like qualities) and Entei looks like a perfect mix to link the 2. There are dog breeds that are almost exactly like Entei, and build wise Entei is more dog like, but he does have some lion like qualities that I can not ignore. Therefore in short: Suicone: dog  Raikou: cat  Entai: Both.   

On the plus side:
I am very happy you did not list Zangoose! Kudo's to you.

 To anyone still thinking Zangoose is a cat pokemon: the pokedex says Cat ferret like pokemon only because the translaters are idiots. The japanese word for mongoose translates to cat ferret when translated literaly..so they simply made a translation error.   Zangoose is based on a mongoose (which is NOT a cat) and it's rivalry with seviper comes from the natural enemie background the real animals they are based on have.  Mongoose and snakes are natural enemies. So thats why Zangoose and Seviper are enemies/rivals as well.
First of all barely anyone at all calls them the "Legendary Dogs", it is generally the "Legendary Beasts. "Many refer to them as legendary cats or legendary dogs, depending on if they personally see feline or canine features in the individual Pokémon. However, they are more likely based on many different creatures and mythological deities, such as Raijū, the Chinese guardian lions, and the qilin. On top of that, they also seem to have been stylized to fit the classic idea of three jungle cats or jungle beasts—the tiger, lion, and cheetah (or leopard)."

Also Absol belongs on the list because it processes feline qualities, therefore being PARTLY BASED on a cat. "Absol's humanized face and feline appearance may also be a homage to the sphinx. Its scythe-shaped tail and horn suggest a resemblance to the Western personified depiction of Death, who is related to destiny and disaster. It may have also been inspired by the black cat superstition."
Dan, a large majority of people call them legendary Dogs, me being one of them :P. Also, many animals in this world (real ones) have 'feline' qualities but aren't related to cats (some types of jackals, foxes can be known to have some etc), and other that have 'canine qualities' that aren't related to dogs (the most famous one being the Hyena, which is barely even related to a dog but we all think it is one). Having 'feline qualities' does not make it based of a cat. Could be a coincidence, or maybe the Pokemon's behavior or movepool or whatever was depicted to be cat like, so GF add some style in there to make it seem right. There's are many reasons. Just out-right telling someone using no more evidence they gave on their own opinion for your opinion is just a little rude tbh.

In fairness, I don't thin either of you are wrong or right on the actual topic, I'm just pointing out that both Dan and Era are just using loosely supported opinion, and both of you were begin somewhat rude. Please don't tell someone their answer is wrong based on opinion and 'facts' from different sources that always somehow contradict each other. You can say you're opinion ofc :P just be careful how you deliver it.
The only thing I did was take out the 'you're wrong' part >.<. Also, taking quotes out doesn't count as facts, facts would be if GF or the Pokemon Company themselves revealed it. Bulb is just a bunch of speculations (albeit most of which is made by smart, very observing people, it's still speculation).  Experts are allowed to edit at their discretion, cause we know that if we get too many complaints we can just have our Expert taken away XD. I also didn't say at all that it was your intention to be rude, I know it wasn't, which is why I asked to look over and be careful about what you say.
there is new pokemon litten
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I'm fine with people thinking certain Pokemon look like cats in their opinion, however I do not believe Pokemon who are not obviously cats belong on an list that is supposed to list actual cat like Pokemon. I am not against people having different opinions. If that was how I cam across I will apoligise for that. I am against giving fals opinion based information. One should inform the reader when Pokemon are actually not considerd cats by all. And these Pokemon should not be listed under cats as if it's a fact. That is why the list is wrong. The opninion is not wrong, but the list is for adding opinion based Pokemon that are debated about fiercely on the web and elsewhere.

I'm not saying it's wrong to think the legendary beasts are cat personaly, I think it's wrong to list them as cats to somebody else who is asking for the actual cats. Pokemon that are on heavy debates should not be listed. This is tue for anyone, Including me. I will not add Pokemon to a list just because I think they are similar to the animal requested. Like for example if somebody would ask me a dog list, I would NOT add Absol or the legendary beasts even though I think they look more like dogs. I know many people also see them as cats. To respect their views, I will not add them to dog lists and will only list actual dogs like Growlith or Houndoom.

Like said before the 3 legendary beasts are often called dogs. That is a fact. I'm not saying I 100% agree. But I do come acros that more then legendary cats. What I see most however is indeed legendary beasts, which actually strenghtens my argument that they do not belong on a cat list.

Same is true for Absol.

My problem, just be safe here I'll repeat, is that Pokemon where included in a cat list that are not obviously cats. When somebody asks you what the cat Pokemon are, they should be able to trust on the reply to be valid, and not based on personal opinions.

You can always add the ones that are argued/debated upon as an extra list where you explain that they are also seen as dogs or something else by others and that you could see them as cat like if you prefer but that they are not considerd cat like in all of the fandom. That would be a correct list where you give the reader to decide for themselves when it comes to the Pokemon that are debated upon.

I hope I was more clear this time around and cleared up any misunderstandings on why I said I believed the person writing the list was wrong.

While on the topic, it can be argued if even Mew and mewtwo are not cats either. It's believed by more and more fans that Mew and Mewtwo are actualy jerboa. Look up pictures and compare them to these 2 Pokemon. They are very similar.... I also personaly find them more Jerboa like then cat like, but once more I have no problem with people thinking of them as cats. But the jerboa side is growing and their opinions should be respected as well and thus the mew duo should not be listes as actual cats, but could be listed in a debatable cat list.

I also had no intention to be rude. I just wanted to point out that many of the Pokemon listed as cats (as if they where confirmed cats) is giving not really true information. When people ask you a question, you should answer with facts, not opinions. It does bother me that people state that certain Pokemon are based on certain animals as a fact when they have plenty of opposition.

The only correct lists would be lists that have Pokemon that people don't argue about.

The legendary beasts/mew duo/Absol are heavely based on opinions. Therefore they do not belong in an actual cat list when a person is asking for a honest true list.

When somebody asks you to give them a list with actual cat Pokemon, withoud including personal opinions with debatable Pokemon it should be like this:

Meowth and Persian
Skitty and Delcatty
Glameow and Purugly
Purrloin and Liepard
Shinx and Luxio and Luxray
Litleo and Pyroar
Espurr and Meowstic

the end.

Then for a debatble cat list:
Mew and Mewtwo (some people see them as cats, others as Jerboa, others as a mix of the 2 or some other rodent.)
The legendary beasts (also called legendary dogs and legendary cats in the fandom and are often (not always by everyone) believed to have both dog and cat like qualities. )
Absol (Same as the legendary beasts)

I'll say it again. The list from before is wrong, not because it's wrong to have those Pokemon as cats as personal opinions, it's wrong because those personal opinions are stated as if they where facts when plenty of people disagree with that asumption. That is why I believe the list is wrong. And once more, same would be true for a dog list. Pokemon people debate about, should not be in such lists period, at least not the main list. As an extra lists with extra info about the actual debates going on then it's cool.

And sorry in advance if I sounded Rude again. That is not the intention. My intention is to correct/stop lists based on opinions that confuse people because several lists state certain Pokemon as cat or dog as if facts, and fans who are not aware of the debates going on will be confused as to why they where listed on both dog and cat lists (or other animal lists). I want to keep things clear for these people who ask us these questions. And it's not clear when Pokemon who are debated upon are thrown into several differents lists as if it where fact and not opinion based.

Everything opinion based should be mentions that it is opinion based and what the other opinion is so the person reading it can decide for themselves, while at the same time get actual info about the actual Pokemon they asked for.

Peace out! An hugs, and cookies, and dried fish for the cats and bones for the dogs..Now only to decide what the hell I should give my Absol... :P

The only thing I have to disagree with is Mew and Mewtwo. On this website, at the bottom of each Pokémon profile, is a section called Name Origin. Under Mew's, name origin, it says "cat sounds".

That could be a translation error, but I'm inclined not to think that.
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I just wanted to put my two-cents in here because I feel like people get confused on true cat-based Pokemon and ones that resemble cats but actually aren't. The true cats are as follows:

  • Meowth & Persian
  • Skitty & Delcatty
  • Glameow & Purugly
  • Purrloin & Liepard
  • Shinx & Luxio & Luxray
  • Litleo & Pyroar (male & female)
  • Espurr & Meowstic (male & female)
  • Litten, Torracat, & Incineroar
  • Solgaleo (Sun Legendary)

Those are the ONLY true cat-based Pokemon.

Many common ones people put up for debate include the Eeveelutions, Mew, Raikou and Absol. The Eeveelutions are based on elemental foxes, the balance of energies in “one”. Mew is an embryo-like alien said to be formed from mixed DNA of all Pokemon. Raikou is based loosely on Raiju, also known as the “thunder beast” and is made up of dog, cat, and rodent parts. Finally, Absol, which is loosely based on Bai Ze meaning “White Marsh” in Japanese.


according to an interview with ken sugimori, atsuko nishida, and motofumi fujiwada, eevee and the eeveelutions are not cats, dogs, rabbits, or any other specific mammal. they are "generic quadrupedal mammal you might remember seeing in a forest as a kid"