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I have a sheer force modest nidoking should I give it choice scarf or life orb? I personally like choice scarf better but asking you guys too.

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Life Orb is superior, as Nidoking is slow and will be outspeed by most Choice Scarf users anyways. The power boost received from Life Orb is pretty noticeable.

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I would go for the Life Orb, personally. The 69% increase in power (30% Sheer Power + Life Orb boost) is EXTRAORDINARY. Nidoking is gonna be outspeeded anyway by most other Choice users. EV training a Nidoking for Speed and Attack with a Jolly Nature along with a Life Orb + Sheer Power could make a deadly combo. (not the best sweeper but could still be very effective with enough Defense to hold up)

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Thanks man but I mostly just play free battle so I don't see much other choice scarf users because it's competive.  And I can out speed Mewtwos and greninjas now. Also is zoroark rare because I found like 20 of dem. And caught 4, also have a 31 IV speed attack hidden ability Japanese Ditto.
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I think I like choice scarf better because nidoking have low defends and I keep getting one shot and greninja is very commen now, so with choice scarf sheer power modest nidoking I can one hit pokes so I probably won't need life orb. And my Eva are 252 Sp attack 252 speed 6 hp.
And I also have a protean greninja:OP.