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The show never really said how old he is. I know he was 10 when he started his journey, but how old is he now? When is his birthday?

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Apparently his birthday is May 22

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He is still 10 years old. (Don't judge the logic or else you'll confuzzel yourself :P)

Source: I watched the first episode for the B/W anime

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As of Best Wishes 001, Ash is still 10 years old.

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None of this is really known.

He doesn't age in the anime, as you know. His birthday has only been mentioned since the beginning of the anime, and later the inaugural of the BW anime. Both of which he was 10 years old, so he doesn't age.

This was intentional, I'm pretty sure. Game Freak just want Ash to stay his young, accident-prone self. It wouldn't be very entertaining watching a 25 year old Ash walk around, hanging with people younger than himself, and possibly even getting sick of journeying around for years on end.

Also, it would be a huge disadvantage for the younger generation. The younger generation of Pokemon would still want a chance to watch the entertaining Ash, rather than him years later.

So none of this needs to be known, really. It's like The Simpsons (in particular) - Maggie, Lisa and Bart should be well in their 20s now, and for Bart his early 30s. It would just be sad to watch them grow up and get... 'mature'. o_O

So yeah, he's 10. Still... Since he hasn't age since the beginning of the anime, and BW001, his birthday is also unknown. Sorry.

Hope I helped. :)

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Ash doesn't age just like most cartoon characters. This is a very interesting topic and I suggest you look at this video. It explains a lot about ash's age.

Ash Ketchum's Age - Pokémon Fact of The Day

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Thanks for that helpful video!
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The creator of the move made him to be 10 for ever because the movie is for about 10 year old kids. But if you use math and calculate his age in all the episodes, he will be 16.(And a few months.) But in the move, he will always be 10.

                                                                          And if you don't believe me, go on you tube and search "How old is Ash Kechum?"
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