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is ash and elf I cant tell hes always young


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Well, there's no actual answer from Game Freak themselves, but theories can be given.
The reason why Ash is still ten is because:

  • Game Freak wanted it like that. They control how old Ash is.
  • Ash was probably meant to stay ten because the Pokemon anime is usually directed at younger children. As a 10 year old, he can easily relate to most of the children that watch the anime. Imagine a 20 year old on a trip. Now, the kids can't exactly relate to him, can they? In short, Ash serves as a connection between children and the Pokemon anime.
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i agree
makes sense
it makes sense but seriously, after traveling through Kanto, Jhoto, Hoen and Sinnoh, when he flies to Unova with Oak and his mom, it is said he is still ten years old (and there was a Christmas special in both Kanto and Jhoto, so it has passed at least  one year). My theory is that Ash was born in February 29 th, so he just consider that it's his birthday in four years (I know ten isn't multiple of four but it's the best explanation I could think of).
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No, its because its a cartoon look here for more information. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/5004/anime-faq-for-anyone-who-wants-it