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I know it's kind of a hard questions I'm just looking for a little bit info. Because I heard of it but I want to know if anyone has a little more info about it.
Its ridiculous to me.

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Yes of course, why not. What would else the point be of transfering them ?

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I read on serebii about new rules but it doesn't really say much.
But exactly you have a point, i hope its not like that.
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Casual: Almost definitly. There wouldn't be much point bring the old pokes over if you couldn't battle with them at all.

Tournaments unlikely. There's a kalos marking on 6 gen Pokemon to prevent hacked Pokemon. The earlier generations were really simple to hack, but 6th gen is supposed to be impossible/ slightly harder to hack. The 6th gen marking is supposed to be an easy way to verify legit Pokemon.

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It's possible to hack 6th gen games. Ask Smealum.
Alright thanks makes sense.