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So avalanche has a base power of 60, but the power doubles if the user moves last. I was just wondering, if the opponent switches out to a different Pokemon, instead of using a move, will avalanche still have 120 power?

I'm sure this question has already been asked, but I'll ask anyway :P


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No. The Pokemon using Avalanche must take damage from the foe for the power to double.

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I think you have misunderstood how Avalanche works.

Firstly it has a priority of -4, so is nearly guaranteed to go last.

What it actually does is it doubles in power if the user has taken damage in that turn. So it is basically an Ice type Payback, with a little more power and a decreased priority.

So to answer your question, if the opponent switches, then Avalanche will have 60 power, because the user was not damaged in that turn (assuming we are talking about single battles).