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This question is so obvious it was probably asked already but what the heck I'll ask it anyway! :3

Anyway, back to facts, was Truant invented to make Slaking less overpowered? If so why has Durant got it?
Also, was Klutz invented so Pokémon could sneak in a blast ball (or something of that sort) without being affected and to annoy opponents?

Answer if you can!!! :D

I await the answer...

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Truant was originally the Slakoth evolutionary line's signature ability, and considering they're based on real life sloths, that's one reason why Slaking has Truant, and also a cap on Slaking's power.

As for why Durant has it, who knows. However, Durant has other options apart from Truant, like Hustle, which is amazing w/ Hone Claws. Durant also has Entrainment so it can pass Truant to something else, switch out to something with Shadow Tag/ Arena Trap and Protect stall.

For Klutz, all the Pokemon that have it have other options for abilities. Klutz is useless on Audino and Golurk, but for Lopunny it could hold a negative item like Flame Orb or Iron Ball and use Switcheroo on the opponent without the items have a negative effect on itself. Swoobat as well, since it can learn Trick.

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Thanks so much. And here was me thinking they were useless...