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I find it somewhat odd. For what reason would you think they made it that way?

They made gen 5 Pokemon incredibly OP to begin with xD
Imagine Haxorous with more than 147 ATK haha

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There's a couple theories I have on this.

The first is that the Gen 5 and Gen 6 Pokemon are much stronger than previous generations. So giving all of these older Pokemon stats buffs brings some new potential to them. As Blobby said "Imagine Haxorus with an Attack stat higher than 147. And a speed buff to boot!

The other reason is that a lot of those older gen Pokemon like Charizard, Scizor, Houndoom, Blastoise, they are all REALLY popular Pokemon, so why not excite your fans with the idea that their favorite Pokemon are going to get really cool new forms!! Great for sales.

Also by giving these older Pokemon that aren't so popular, such as Pinsir and Mawile, a Mega-Evo, you bring some attention back to these older games and it also leads people to think about the potential for other not so popular Pokemon getting some potential Megas. This way we're kept on our toes wondering who's coming next.

Personally I'm rooting for a Mega Beedrill so I have some incentive to use it.

I'm rooting for Mega Girafarig. idk why xD
It's because we all want a pokemon with four heads just so we can say "Hah, Hydreigon can go suck it!"
Yeah the new ones do seem to be stronger, but still Aggron having more defense than 180 is equally scary to me. And the "popular pokemon being megas" theory makes sense too. Though the fact that a bunch of my favorites are that popular makes my inner hipster want tear apart my 3ds..... sort of..... not really..... As for rooting for a specific new mega evolution: PACHIRISU!! ;)
Well I hope a mega-Serperior will come about or add more mega flying types XP
You and your flying types ;)
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I'm answering this. Yay!! :D

My Illogical Theory

As both answerers have already mentioned, the older Pokemon have not been seen for a while in any genre of Pokemon. For example, Mawile has only been seen in one episode of the anime (AG105) and it has barely been mentioned since.

It has also mostly been upgraded for most unevolved Pokemon, for example Pinsir and the aforementioned Mawile. They may have wanted these Pokemon to have a Mega Evo so they can say that they gave these Pokemon another evolution. x)

It's also noted that most mega evolutions are given to Pokemon with really stupid stats. A great example of this is (you guessed it) Mawile. It's highest base stats are 85, in X and Y. With it's Mega Evolution, it's Defense is well over 100, which is great for such a weak Pokemon. Most of the unevolved Gen V Pokemon are quite strong as it is (compared to other unevolved Pokemon, anyway)

Also, they may have given out Mega Evolutions to give out some unique types for new battle strategies. For example, an Electric/Dragon has not been released before, same with a Water/Dark. (To my knowledge, anyway). My favourite is Fire/Dragon with Mega Charizard X, nullifying Water. :D
Gen V brought in some pretty unique types into the mix, as it is. To mix it up more would be rather redundant.

Also, what MrK said - for Pokemon that have been favoured a lot over the years can become so much stronger! :3

So yeah, that's why no Gen V got Megas.

Hope I helped. :)

Because I feel that I should tell you, Zekrom is Dragon/Electric and Carvanha, Sharpedo, Crawdaunt, and Greninja are also Water/Dark... So Electric/Dragon and Water/Dark aren't new.
Thanks. All of these answers make some amount of sense, which is nice every once in a while ;). FYI: Water/Dark = Crawdaunt. Electric/Dragon = Zekrom. Fire/Dragon = Reshiram. Though I agree Charizard X is awesome (so glad I chose X instead of Y).
Oh what really? o_O
Well, I'll give you this:
"Generation V introduced the most Pokémon with unique type combinations, with 32." ~ http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pokémon_with_unique_type_combinations
Easily covers up. :3
Hahaha the ones but there are some new type combinations too, like Dark/Psychic (Malamar) and Ghost/Steel (Honedge)
Dark/Psychic type is a great typing. The only weakness I can come up for that beautiful typing is Bug. (x4)
Yeah it would have been more awesome in Gen V because Fairy is 2x damage against it.