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Why are majority of mega evolutions not there in Sword/Shield? I searched about this in the Internet, but I couldn't find any correct explanation for this. Anybody please answer?

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Well, there are a few main reasons for this, while none are confirmed, they are easily interpreted.

One is obviously the addition of Gigantimax and Dynamax Pokemon. While Mega Evolved Pokemon can't Dynamax/Gigantimax, it would be too OP if you could Dynamax/Gigantimax one Pokemon per match and Mega Evolve a Pokemon as well.

Another reason that Mega Evolution was removed was because it was the special part of Gen 6. Gen 7 had Z Moves, Gen 8 had Max Raids and Dynamaxing/Gigantimaxing, Gen 6 had Mega Evolution. Im guessing Gen 7 had Mega Evos as well because it wasn't as OP to use a Z Move and a Mega, also, Mega Evolution was a well-liked feature of the games (from what I've seen).

The last reason could be software limitations/a time crunch. Just like not including the full Pokedex into the game, Game Freak might've left out Mega Evolution due to not having the proper time to include it, but it could've been due to software limitations (pretty unlikely).

Hope this helps! :)

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Probably just because it interfered with Dynamaxing. Can't have two gimmicks like that in one battle. Mega Evolution had it's spotlight for two Gens.

Definitely this one
It was also probably for balancing purposes.
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Why? No ones knows except the pkm company and game freak.

But however, I think the reason why is because of that Dynamaxing + Mega was a bit too OP, seems both has a great boost on its stat, and will make it let everyone use it.

Also, a very sudden point of mines, was that they were lazy to draw the gigantamax + mega of charidzard, venasuar, blastoie which the three of them has a gigantamax and mega, but it’s only my opinion.

Hope it helps!

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I dunno if this is true but what I realized is dynamaxing was a mix of z moves and megas. Only certain Pokemon have megas: only certain Pokemon have gigantamax. All Pokemon can power up their moves with z moves: (most lol) Pokemon can power up moves with dynamax. Certain Pokemon have specific z crystals that let them use special moves: gigantamax Pokemon can use special moves, but only them. And of course, as mentioned by the other answers, a lot of extra animation would have to happen with megas, gigantamax, and mega-gigantamax.

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Well, here's a potential lore reason:

3,000 years before the events of XY took place, it was stated that AZ's machine created a parallel universe. This is backed up by the Delta Episode of ORAS, where the scientists want to redirect the meteor into "a different universe" before Zinnia stops them.

So this infers that multiple different universes exist. It's possible that one of these universes has the power of Mega Evolution, while the other does not.

Therefore, it can be speculated that Galar is in the original timeline, the one before the events of Generation 6 and Generation 7 -- one without Mega Evolution.

TL;DR: Galar takes place in a universe without Mega Evolution, thus explaining why Megas were removed from the game.

Hope I helped!

But does that mean galar doesn't exist in the non parallel  one? And if it does, why didn't they decided to put it in the one with all the other games?
It likely exists in both. Think of RS and ORAS: ORAS likely took place in the universe with Mega Evolution, and RS did not. However, Hoenn is in both universes nonetheless.

The same probably applies to Galar. There is probably a Galar in another universe that does have the power of Mega Evolution. Does that make sense?
Glad someobody had an answer that wasn't gf being lazy or something like that