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Okay, I was just thinking this because Malva was/is a member of Team Flare (does anyone know if she was an executive or not, or if she had a very large role in it?) . But she's also a member of the Elite 4, as well as the Holo-Caster anchor lady. Did she just become those 2 so no one would suspect that she's in Team Flare? I believe so. But is she still a member/supporter of Team Flare when you first battle her? I think so. And would you say that she was a good or bad guy during the Looker quests? Plus, she always has an attitude with me, and I just can't tolerate it xD Overall, I think she might be a neutral person or something.

Ugh, I think I'm over-thinking stuff again....

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Malva was a former member of Team Flare. She eventually realized her mistakes and decided to do something productive in life. She became part of the elite four and a news reporter. Despite the productiveness, she hasn't lost her smug attitude from her time in Team Flare

So by the time you first battle her, she's already left from Team Flare?
well if it doesn't say team flare grunt or whatever, then yes
But it wouldn't say that even if she was. She's one of the Elites so they're gonna call her "elite 4 Malva" even if she was part of team flare then. Just like with Giovanni. When you battle him, his title is Gym Leader, even though you know he's the leader of Team Rocket.
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She most likely was part of Team Flare, since in the Looker side quest, she has a card to get to the secret floor, and her hair is red, just like every other team flare member. She must have either realized that team flare's intentions were bad, or she was too powerful/they were too weak. Also, another thing is that Malva might have been in the same position as Lysandre. They both had jobs including the Holo-Caster, and both look different than any other member. Possibly, she got so powerful that she had to quit, and became a member of the elite four. Either that or I'm overthinking this.

I'm an overthinker, especially with this question and also with my "How are all legendaries related?" question. But I'm proud to be one! ^-^