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Like Archeops (Defeatist) and others.

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  • Archen
  • Archeops
  • Slaking
  • Regigigas

So far, Defeatist, Truant and Slow Starthave been the only real bad abilities, the others either being useless or having no competitive use.
Like Pick Up; it's not really a bad ability as it doesn't handicap the Pokemon in any way (other than taking away any other chances for an ability), but rather, does nothing.

Depending on the situation though, the following abilities can be bad:

  • Contrary
  • Damp
  • Dry Skin
  • Heavy Metal
  • Light Metal
  • Hustle
  • Insomnia (preventing the use of Rest)
  • Klutz
  • Moody
  • No Guard
  • Normalize
  • Simple
  • Solar Power
  • Stall
  • Stance Change (can sometimes leave the wielder wide open to attack)
  • Trace
  • Vital Spirit
  • Zen Mode

Hope I helped!

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Slow Start bro, and Stall (but Prankster)
Yeah, I was editing for some time, remembered Regigigas the poor a little later
I think I should put in weather starting abilities in that 'conditionally bad ability' list as well though :P
Klutz can be situational good. You can Trick Items like Black Sludge and Flame Orb onto Pokemon without being  affected yourself. And what's wrong about Swoobats abilities? Not useful for that Pokemon, but the abilities are good, and getting 2 CM boost for one turn is great.

Zen Mode is just bad tbh, no real use in competitive, and little use in ingame
You put lopunny up there but its standard switcheroo tactic relies completely upon klutz...
Normalize tho
Klutz is actually really useful
Klutz is rather like a bad ability that can be played around for advantage. Under normal circumstance though, it's more crippling than useful.
Klutz should be on the situational list imo.
It is only really used when it needs to be used because in a way, it has its niche, but when nothing executing its niche, it's generally a bad ability, and if Zen Mode is on that list (which is like PX mentioned the most shameful and dreadful ability on a competitively viable Pokemon such as Darmanitan and will never, under any circumstance be a good ability since you lose 50% of your health to become a wall with less than 50% health left and go back to some frail attacking Pokemon with 51% health) then Klutz should most definitely be there and Zen Mode on the first list. Zen Mode is plainly a bad ability.
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This is a list of Pokémon who I consider to be good but have a bad Ability:

Truant - Slaking
Slow Start - Regigigas
Illiminate - Starmie (Illiminate has no effect during battle, but thankfully it isn't the only Ability Starmie has.)
Defeatist - Archeops
Stall - Sableye (Stall is not the only Ability Sableye has, but it is a terrible Ability.)
Run Away: No specific Pokémon really stands out who is "good", (unless you consider them in a tier, but I'm looking at all Pokémon as a whole.)

Note the above Abilities are Ability that either have no purpose in competitive battling or hinder the Pokémon in some way, Abilities that have a purpose but aren't necessarily "good" aren't listed because they still do something and do not hinder the Pokémon in anyway.

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Slaking-total 670-Truant - huge attack power but only every second turn
Regigias-total 670-Slow start - also huge attack but starts with half of it
Kingdra- total 540-Swift swim - good because speed is not best stat, but requires rain
Mamoswine- total 530-Oblivious - not many players will go on attraction initiate
Lucario-total 525-Steadfast - needs flinching
Rhyperior-total 535-Lightningrod - you need double battles to make it effective
Gallade-total 518-Steadfast - same thing as Lucario

All of this Pokemon also have good movesets, and this may not be their only ability, so look up for that.

This was the most of them, and if you are in-game, most of the legendaries have I think useless ability Pressure which again I think doesn't work against bots Pokemons.

Gl Hf by thundersilver

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So you continue be negative to me. If it really helps you, I can just remove answer, Ok? Cheers
My my, I ain't got anything against you. I'm just saying your answer does not have any real clarification for why those abilities are 'bad'.
Ok, how do I explain? I would like to just say ''You're just gonna have to accept this and move on'' but I'm not going to. Look. Some abilities are bad to you. I don't know, maybe you think Pressure is useless on Mewtwo cause something like Huge power can make much better use. Then some abilities are bad to me.  Maybe I think Swift swim is bad on Kingdra because I don't like spending a turn on move such as Rain dance, and instead I just want to insta Hydro pump or something. It's all about how people saw abilities in battle and that mostly left impression. After reading your stuff I changed my mind about some stuff. So I accept your stuff and move on, and I think you're gonna have to accept my stuff and move on. And while writing this, I acctually tought about Rain dance being good on Kingdra. So, we're good about that? Add some comment if u want, and IDK, we could even open a discussion on PokemonDB. (if it's possible). And if you read last comment on your answer, Aeternis says something is SITUATIONAL. K, good night :D
If you knew they were situational according to you from the very start, you should have mentioned it in your answer.
Well, didn't really think of it at the time when I answered but mostly all abilities are situational. So, that's about that, my conclusion.