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It can also be hypothetical and. I'm thinking flawless SubPunches(Substitute and Focus Punch.).EDIT: By hypothetical I mean a Smeargle evolution has Stall and you have to explain every single way it can be used.

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What does Stall do?
Stall causes a Pokémon with this Ability to move last within its priority bracket :)

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Sableye is the only Pokemon who gets Stall so hypothetically the practical uses;

SubPunch would still not be a good idea, due to Sableye's low attack and without the usual proper investment, it's defences fall and it can get beaten down really fast especially since it has to take an attack and also have at least 25% to get a sub up.
>About the only thing it does for Sableye is ensure a full-powered Payback, which isn't really worth going last every turn.

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Sorry but Sableye's Ability Stall is only really beneficial for one move, this being Payback since it's Power doubles from 50 to a 100 if the user goes last. Although Sableye can no longer learn Payback in Gen VI.

Overall Stall is a pretty useless Ability in my opinion, Sableye would be much better with Prankster or even Keen Eye for that matter.

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Substitute and Focus Punch would be a good combination to use on a Sableye with Prankster, since Prankster gives priority to status moves.