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I forgot where he is, and I know you have to have a Pokemon who's highly friendly towards you for your Pokemon to learn it. My Ampharos couldn't learn the move yet, so I guess I have to battle with Ampharos more? Or use the Sooth Bell orrr use the Sooth Bag in Super Training. Also is Affection and Friendship related to each other in X and Y? Thanks!

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Route 21.

In Route 21, in the north-east of the route, accessible only by looping round with the move Strength, there is a house. Inside this house is a man who says he can teach the strongest Dragon-type move to Dragon-type Pokémon.


No, affection and happiness are not related. (source-this was asked before)

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The Draco Meteor Move tutor guy is located on route 21 in Pokemon x/y
P:S Amphsros cannot learn Draco meteor

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so Draco Meteor is the move that theMove tutor guy teaches?
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