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This is for 1v1.


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Out of all the Draco Meteor users, Mega-Rayquaza has the highest SpA stat, but considering it needs Dragon Ascent (a physical move) to mega-evolve, it would need to be a mixed set, which is certainly viable, but might be less than optimal.
Behind that, White Kyurem has the second best SpA stat (of DM users), and considering its SpA is also its highest stat, special sweeper sets are quite common for it.
However, I also feel inclined to mention Kingdra, with its 100% crit set. In case you don't know, after a Focus Energy and a crit-enhancing held item, Kingdra has a 100% crit chance, and crits bypass the user's stat drops, so Kingra can just start spamming Draco Meteor with no regard for the SpA drop, especially if it managed to get an Agility in as well.

I'm pretty sure Kingdra's stats are too low for it to be useful, even if it can get critical hits.
smeargle could work....

Ok hear me out if you give it a focus sash and spore it will live the first hit then have a 100% chance to put it to sleep then use draco meteor repeatly
Smeargle's special attack is too low for this to work.
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The best draco meteor user in 1v1 would almost certainly be Latios. It uses a choice scarf and maximum speed investment to outspeed most opponents and hit them with a draco meteor. Latio's special attack is high enough to reliably one-shot a lot of opponents with draco meteor and end the battle on turn one.

Many Pokemon players have found counters to this Strategy and have used special walls, fairy types, light screen users, whirlwind users and focus sash/disable users to counter that strategy.  I will admit that for an inexperienced Pokemon player, Latios is a safe bet.
Latios can have psyshock to get around special walls and fairies, it can use draco meteor before the opponent uses light screen, whirlwind has no effect in 1v1, and focus sash is banned in 1v1.