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I need to find a thunder stone a fire stone to help with my colection of Eevees.


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You can get the fire stone and the thunder stone from the National Park by coming 1st place in the bug catching contest (there are many stones given other than those two so try it until you get it).you can also get them from Bill's grandfather (show him Growlithe in HG,and a Vulpix in SS.and you can buy it for 2500 pokeathlon points.you can get the fire stone from [School Kid Alan] on 36 after the phone call,and the thunder stone from [Lass Dana] on route 38

p.s what is the best pokemon that you think ay win the bug contest?
If you mean the pokemon that you catch,i would catch a Scyther,but try to not lessen it's HP much.
Oh thanks now just got to wait till tursday.
pps are the days that its on saturday, tuesday and thursday?