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Because I have two and I don't think you can get a Growlithe Vulpix or Eevee.

vulpix is in diamond i just cant remember where

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No, those three are the only ones. However, when you get the national dex, you may be able to obain them and use the stone then, such as Eevee, as Swampert explains. Once you get the national dex, pal park opens, allowing you to migrate and obtain those pokemon through other games.

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You can get an Eevee from Bebe in Hearthome City and you can evolve that into Flareon.

I have talked to her many times but she has never given me an Eevee.
You need to have the national dex.  then she'll give it to you.
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Here are all the pokemon that evole from a fire stone


If i missed any thing let me know and let waterbotle know for i can fix my list and waterbottle can get his answer