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I had one firestone in pokemon white, and used it.
I want another firestone, but I have noo idea how or where to get it. Where can you get firestones? (it should REALLY be sold in stores!)


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Castelia City first pier(Answer Pansear), Desert Resort, Wellspring Cave (Dustcloud), Chargestone Cave (Dustcloud), Mistralton Cave (Dustcloud), Twist Mountain (Dustcloud), Challenger's Cave (Dustcloud), Victory Road (Dustcloud), Giant Chasm (Dustcloud)

Do you think the chances are low for finding a firestone in a dustcloud?
but thanks :D
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Mark, the chances are pretty low for finding a fire stone in a dustcloud. You would usually find a gem of some type. I might edit this into mine.
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You can get one from a person in Castelia City; go to the first dock and talk to the first person. You will have a choice between a Fire Stone, Water Stone and Leaf Stone. It is really for the Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour but I just picked a random one since I didn't train mine up.

Another is in Desert Resort. Walk around until you see a psychic person, and I think it's a little north of him.

And finally, you can possibly find them in dustclouds in caves, including Wellspring Cave, Chargestone Cave, Mistralton Cave, Twist Mountain, Victory Road, Giant Chasm, and Challengers Cave. Unfourtunately there is not a very good chance of finding them. You will usually find a gem of some type

Hope this helps =)

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