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I kinda just summed up the question in the title. :1

If you need some context, Walmarts throughout North America are providing anyone who buys Pokemon X or Y in their store with serial codes. If you bought X, you receive a code for Garchomp. If Y, Scizor.

I was just curious because I need Y and now with this promo, I'll probably be getting it from Walmart.

Also, if this question was asked already (I guess this has been out for a week or so), its not my fault because I couldn't find a similar question >:1!


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They both have the location "Lovely Place", have the OT "Winter2013", are level 50, come in a Cherish Ball, and have the Classic Ribbon. Garchomp's moves are Slash, Dragon Claw, Dig, and Crunch. Scizor's moves are X-Scissor, Night Slash, Double Hit, and Iron Head. Garchomp is holding a Dragon Fang, and Scizor is holding nothing.

So, the things that are special about them are the Cherish Ball, the Classic Ribbon, the OT and Location. The last two you probably wouldn't care about though.


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Dahell? Sciz gets nothing. smh
Can you nickname them?
Only if you have the TID  and SID of the event.