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And could someone reply to this with the code when there is?

christmas XD

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Knowone really knows since Nintendo hasent said anything about one if there is they would realease it closer to Christmas. There probably isn't one since hackers hadn't found any

I hope this helped

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Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa weren't found because the event was in the coding; the Pokemon themselves were in the coding. The event is the data needed for the game to give you the Pokemon; the Pokemon's general information like its base stats and such are already in the coding which the hacker, Smealum, found. Same goes for the new Vivillon patters and AZ's Floette.

We are not trying to be mean, and Indigo is not a jerk. We are just trying to explain things to you so you understand more. If you aren't answering 100% correctly, it's our job to correct you.
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