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If there is going to be anther one then, when is it and what any other upcoming evets that include event legendaries?


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There's gonna be a huge wave of mythical Pokemon being distributed all year, starting next month:

Mew is first in line on February.
March's Pokemon is Celebi.
Jirachi is being distributed in April.
Darkrai for May.
Manaphy for June.
Shaymin for July.
August will bring the great Arceus!
Victini comes along in September.
Keldeo for October.
Genesect for November.
And finally, Meloetta will end the wave in December.

Source: Pokemon.com

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The next movie comes out in July (I think) so we can expect the Japanese will get their hands on Volcanion around the same time.
I  want Volcanion.