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After cyrus is pulled in by giratina, cynthia offers me to go inside the distortion world after I do,at once the game is over,I've tried it twice n the same thing happened, i'm playing Pokemon platinum on my drastic ds emulator

possibly a glitch with your rom?

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There's your problem right there, you're playing on an emulator! Emulators are much less reliable than the normal system. The emulator might be skipping parts of the game. Otherwise, the ROM is corrupted. Both of these problems can be solved by buying an actual DS/DSi/3DS.

No its not skipping parts,only for the first time the part of going to the distortion world was skipped,there must be a way to fix this problem,there is no wi fi needed for the distortion world and it means if i can't go in to stop cyrus then my game ends