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So, I acquired a Baltoy in Pokemon LeafGreen. I got it to its evolution level and it began to evolve. It just abruptly stopped, let out its cry and I got this weird in-game message. Is there any way to fix this?

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Is VisualBoyAdvance an emulator?
Even if the answer applies to the real games, I'm pretty sure this question is not allowed.
I'm not actually sure because it being an emulator doesn't actually necessarily affect the outcome, but it's also directly because they used codes, but it's still because of the game? We could just edit out mentions of an emulator lol
This is fine, I think. There's no real reason to assume this is an emulation bug or something else we can't help with.

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Firered and Leafgreen are kind of insane about making sure you can only use Kanto Pokémon until you get the national dex. They’ll automatically cancel an evolution if the Pokémon would evolve into something outside the Kanto Dex. Usually this is meant to prevent players from getting Crobat and Blissey before the postgame, but I guess it also applies here.

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