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Walking in Festival Plaza, not connected to the internet, talking to some NPC, and I was suddenly taken back to the main menu on my 3DS saying an error had occurred and the game had to close unexpectedly. Retraced my steps when I fired it up again and everything was sunshine and roses.

Has this happened to anyone else? Should I be worried about the safety of my save file?

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Was it an error that was gray at the bottom screen, or was it completely black with white text.
This happens when I use my YouTube app sometimes (it's not the most stable of Nintendo's 3DS apps) but this particular error has never happened while I was playing a game. It has inexplicably gone black before while I was playing Sun and it didn't do anything afterwards, but nothing like the sequence you described. Like you said, everything was fine after that blackout error.

Which 3DS system are you using? Are you using a 3DS XL or the standard version? Perhaps it differs between the two.

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Happened to me before in Sun. Most likely, it was just a glitch with the SD card. No, your save file will not be affected. You'll go right back to where you last saved.

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