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I'm on Route 1 and talk to the first trainer on Route 1. The animation plays but no text box appears, the A button doesn't work, then the game crashes. Pokèmon Moon. Have not completed game yet.
Ok, so I haven't been on my 3DS in 2-3 years, haven't updated it, but still. Never used hacks or had any glitches or problems on the game ever.
Please help me prevent any further crashes. Does not happen on my Y or US. I was on my Tauros at the time. No error code, the game just stops, freezes, and goes to the home menu. I might need a moderator to answer this. If you're a moderator reading this, please try to solve this. Thank you.

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I know the that moon AND the 3DS have to be updated to do Wifi so maybe u just to update if i don’tveven remembef a black haired girl there and i am doing Ultra Sun probably not much help but hey i tried lol
Only in non-ultra games. It won't connect to wifi. Got new wifi. No idea how to change wifi so i can update it. I need help please.
The first trainer on the way to Iki Town.
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If you want to play online or download titles from the eShop, you first need to connect your 3DS XL to a WiFi network.

From the HOME menu, tap System Settings. (It's the one shaped like a wrench.)

Choose Internet Settings > Connection Settings > New Connection.

You can set up a maximum of three internet connections on the Nintendo 3DS XL.

Choose Manual Setup. Alternatively, you can select Tutorial if you want to watch a demonstration on setting up WiFi.

Tap Search for an Access Point to locate your WiFi network.

Find the name for your wireless network on the list and then tap it.

If asked, enter your wireless network's password.

Tap OK to save the connection settings.

Choose OK once more to perform a connection test. If everything's fine, you'll receive a prompt letting you know that your Nintendo 3DS XL is connected to WiFi.

From this point forward, as long as your 3DS' WiFi is turned on and you're within range of an approved access point, the 3DS will connect to the network automatically.


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