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I was playing Pokemon Showdown, Gen 8 Monotype Random Battle. I was battling and my opponent sent out a Shiny Galarian Moltres. You cannot get Shiny Galarian Moltres in-game as it is shiny locked. Does Random Battle not care about shiny locks, or was this an error or what?

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I asked this in Help room, and doubled check by asking Random Battles moderator, pokeblade☆101. Here's what I got:

[22:44:27] mf ghost ): no, randbats doesn't care about that
[22:44:27] Dorron: no it isn't
[22:44:44] mf ghost ): it just gives every mon a possibility of 1/1024 to be shiny

[22:46:46] AGCL6 Swas ♪: hi, just wanted to confirm is that true that randbats dont care about shiny lock?
[22:47:04] +pokeblade☆101: it doesn't, yeah
[22:47:07] AGCL6 Swas ♪: And it doesn't apply to other teambuilding formats though?
[22:47:37] +pokeblade☆101: the shiny lock applies to teambuilding formats unless it is something that allows illegal things like hackmons
[22:47:58] AGCL6 Swas ♪: ic, thanks


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Ok, thanks!
Happy to help!
Man, I think one day I'll shiny hunt on Random battles