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Just another question about the new generation. I personally don't agree with the mega evolution idea because it looks like Pokemon is becoming Digimon or whatever but with that aside, are the mega evolutions just a temporary thing for each battle or is it a permanent evolution but it works the same way that evolution stones do or.. what?

I watched a video of the mega evolution Pokemon on youtube and the avatar used a bracelet to evolve the Pokemon so it just raised the whether its a temporary effect or not question in my head.


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Mega Evolutions, what they are and how they work.

  • Pokémon's Stats are heightened greatly
  • In order to Mega evolve, they must hold an item. They are normally the Pokémon's name add -ite eg: AggronITE, GarchompITE etc etc...
  • Mega evolutions are not permanent. After each battle the Pokémon returns to its normal form. But every time the Pokémon is sent into battle you can mega evolve it.
  • Just like evolution with stones, Mega Evolution is unleashed when a Pokémon's DNA reacts to the Microbes in the Mega Band, causing the Pokémon to evolve.
  • Mostly, powerful Pokémon will have Mega Evolution because they have more power.
  • This page on Bulbapedia has a load on Mega Evolution

Hope I helped! =]

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Yes, i can see clearly now... the rain has gone. Thanks :D i don't have gen 6 yet and i was so confused when i was told about mega evolutions. I thought to myself if this keeps going Pokemon is going to rapidly become digimon
Yeah, it's sure does seem really similar. Oh well x3
Oh for God sake PureHayabusa are you, like, 60?
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mega evolution is a thing that occurs during battle and only battle, and its gone after the battle. however you can do it again and again each battle. if you want to mega evolve, you need the mega ring (the bracelet) and the Pokemon you wish to evolve´s mega stone* you can only mega evolve one Pokemon in a battle

hope this was clear enough :) fell free to ask if there was something you didn't understood

*a held item you use to mega evolve your Pokemon. often ends at "ite" (mawilite, scizorite)

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Yeah i see what you mean, thank you :D although with that bracelet, is it something you start off with or do you have to obtain it somehow? but im sure the held items are things you have to find, or am i wrong on that account as well?
and blazikenite which torchick has to hold in event
Oh the "bracelet" is actually called a mega ring and you don't start with it. You obtain when you battle with Calem/Shauna shortly after beating leader Korrina.
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No , the mega evolutions are not exactly permanent although they do last until the Pokemon faints in the battle. Also You can only mega evolve a single Pokemon per battle. mega evolution is done through Pokemon holding specific items necessary for their mega evolutions. For example if a blastoise is holding Blastoisinite and you have the mega ring then you can mega evolve it. but still you can only mega evolve one Pokemon per battle and there are only about 29 or so mega evolutions.

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